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Lockdown Blues

Updated: Dec 7, 2020

Since the scamdemic started I have been recording some Bluesy Cover numbers to keep myself occupied. They should be available in an Album format soon.

After watching many rock the Lockdowns on Facebook I Have seen numerous people out there with genuine talent equally as good as some of these so called namby pamby so called stars most of who would get nowhere without a serious set of technicians and record company money behind them. So I am looking forward to a time where anyone with a bit of talent can get a bite of the apple. It's about time that the reprobates at record companies most of whom are crusty and with no real abilities, apart from ripping people off. Were gone. It started to happen with downloading but they soon got there claws into that and ruined it. We need a level playing field where everybody who can write and perform or record and produce works get an equal amount of coverage. Capitalism stinks.

Just saying

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